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Ciara Flint




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An award-winning experimental documentary film exploring the impact that a drastic physical transformation can have on a relationship. 


Filmed sporadically over the course of a year, TOTALIS captures the story of a young man and his progression with Alopecia - a condition wherein the individual loses all body hair, often suddenly and without explanation or the knowledge of when, or if, it will ever grow back.


This is not merely a story about the pursuit of self-acceptance in the face of adversity, but an intimate look into the loss of identity in an increasingly image-conscious world - and how that loss can affect the intimate relationships of the person experiencing it.


This short was created under the wing of the Edinburgh College of Art’s FilmMedicine programme.

In May 2021, TOTALIS was selected as the first runner-up of Bertha DocHouse's filmmaking competition "Regrowth", and it screened at Exeter's Two Short Nights Film Festival in 2022.

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