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Ciara Flint




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Using the practices of birdwatching and nature observation as a gateway, we unravel the story of Joan McNaughton, a woman whose passion for the natural world was born from a dark and tumultuous history with alcohol addiction.

This film was completed as my thesis piece for an MA in Film Directing at Edinburgh College of Art. 

Below is a short teaser. To watch the film in full, please get in touch via the contact box.

HARRIER premiered at Glasgow Short Film Festival 2022, where it was shortlisted for the Young Scottish Filmmaker Prize. It won the St. Andrew's Film Festival Sara Gomez award for best documentary film, and It was the recipient of Plymouth Nature Film Festival's Innovative Thinker Award, and Europe Film Festival's Best Documentary Short Award.

The film has also screened at Encounters Film Festival, Wildscreen, Andaras Traveling Film Festival, Kendal Mountain Festival and London Mountain Festival.

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